Adults get cavities too.  If you seem to be making more frequent dental appointments due to a toothache or some other issue associated with your oral health it may be due at least in part to the foods and drinks that you’ve been consuming.  A proper diet is essential to healthy teeth.

Your tooth enamel is there to protect from decay getting through to the more vulnerable layers that lie just below the surface.  In order to provide that protection tooth enamel needs the fortification from foods that contain calcium and vitamin D.  Dairy products, and whole grains are good sources of both.  Patients who cannot tolerate dairy are encouraged to eat more green vegetables.

Most of us enjoy a snack in the middle of the afternoon or just before bedtime but we have to make good choices.  Apples or grapes vs candy or doughnuts?  Water or milk vs soda or sports drinks?  Get the picture?  If you must have the occasional soft drink sip it through a straw to avoid direct contact with your tooth enamel.  Satisfy your sweet tooth once in a while but don’t forget to rinse with water after treating yourself.

Can you do more to prevent tooth decay?  Ask your dental hygienist for recommendations about over the counter dental products that you might benefit from.  Are you using the right kind of toothbrush?  What does your dentist recommend? Take your time to brush right.

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