The cost of clean teeth

Keeping your teeth clean is fundamental to your overall health. You can keep from tooth decay, stinking breath, and other various dental diseases. But keeping your dental hygiene “fresh” isn’t cheap. Sure you can brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash, but that isn’t always enough. To keep your dental game up, you’ll need a dentist.

The cost of visits to the dentist can expensive. Sometimes a visit can be lower than one hundred dollars, and sometimes higher than four hundred dollars. This of course adds up for routine cleaning, complete cleaning, teeth whitening, fillings, insurance, and so on.

Prices on your dental needs can include, but are not limited to: fillings, averaging at one hundred dollars; amalgam fillings, averaging at one hundred fifty dollars; teeth whitening kits, which average at three hundred dollars, gum-erupted tooth extractions, average at two hundred dollars; wisdom tooth extractions, averaging at one hundred fifty dollars; sealant of the teeth, averaging at about seventy dollars per tooth. And that’s not even touching on the bigger numbers.

Other procedures for your dental care at the dentist can include, but are not limited to: root canal molar restorations, which average at one thousand dollars; complete upper denture procedures, which averages at one thousand one hundred dollars; comprehensive orthodontic treatment for kids, which can reach as high as five thousand five hundred dollars; Every crown to be porcelain, which averages at one thousand two hundred fifty dollars; zirconia crowns, which average at about one thousand two hundred dollars; dental implants, which average at about two thousand five hundred dollars; veneer procedures, which average to about one thousand two hundred dollars.

The numbers above do not even account for different lifestyles in different areas in the world. An all porcelain crown procedure may average to about one thousand two hundred fifty dollars in the United States, but how much would that cost in another country? In Mexico, the average cost for an all porcelain crown procedure is four hundred dollars. That’s about seven thousand eight hundred sixty-one pesos!

And once again, these numbers aren’t accounting for households, but per person. With that being said, let’s look into the average household.

There are about three members to the average household in america, but let’s be real, most friends who have a family have at least two kids to their house. Now let’s do a little math. You are married with two kids, both now in middle school. In that month, because you are told to visit the dentist at least once a month for dental hygiene, all four of you go to the dentist. Your two children get wisdom tooth extractions, which, as listed above, is about two hundred dollars, each. You and your spouse get fillings, at about one hundred dollars per person. That’s six hundred dollars for the little things. That’s not including the procedures that cost over one thousand dollars.

The cost can be chopped down a bit if you take care of your teeth daily by brushing after meals, eating less sugary foods, and by eating foods that naturally cleans your teeth, being: celery, apples, strawberries, Etc. So save some money and eat healthy.