Healthy Start™: A Long-Term Dental Preventative Solution | Pediatric Dentistry – Aurora, CO and the Greater Denver, CO Area

Preventing future oral health problems and misalignment.

Our Healthy Start™ Program is a long-term preventive solution that teaches children good oral habits and gives them a lifetime supply of healthy smiles. Don’t worry—our pediatric dentistry is safe and natural.

Pediatric Dentistry in Aurora and Centennial!

All of us at Meadow Hills Dental love teaching kids about good oral hygiene habits and setting them up for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Experienced in pediatric dentistry, Dr. Mark Braasch knows the importance of giving every child a chance with a Healthy Start™. The Healthy Start ™ System is a revolutionary method to naturally straighten teeth without using invasive metal brackets and wires.

What Is the Healthy Start™ Program?

The younger the treatment begins, the easier the treatment becomes in yielding a lifetime of permanently beautiful, straight teeth. With our younger patients (ages four to seven), the Healthy Start™ System uses the natural forces of the teeth as they erupt to guide incoming teeth into their natural positions while also allowing for proper growth of the lower jaw. Through pediatric dentistry, proper alignment of your child’s teeth and jaw not only solves bite issues, but it improves facial esthetics, interruptive sleeping habits, speech problems, behavioral concerns, and other childhood disorders.

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The Benefits of Healthy Start™

  • The process is safe and natural

  • No embarrassing appliances on display

  • Prevents crooked teeth

  • It yields lifelong, permanent results

  • The devices are simple and easy to use

  • Comfortable – no metal brackets and wires

  • Up to five times faster than traditional braces

  • Convenient – fewer appointments are necessary

  • It is affordable, with an average savings of 30-60% over regular orthodontic treatment

  • Great for all ages – the Healthy Start™ Program has correctional devices for kids & adults

  • Correctional devices are soft, comfortable, and removable

Call Dr. Mark Braasch, a leading family dentist in Aurora, CO and the greater Denver, CO area to learn more about the Healthy Start™ Program and to schedule an appointment, please call our office at your earliest convenience. We look forward to speaking with you!