Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in remembrance of the victory Mexican forces had against the French in 1862.

It is a time to celebrate, and relax with friends and family which usually gives us a good reason to have food and drink. From tacos to margaritas, no matter what you choose to indulge in this Cinco de Mayo don’t skip out on your dental regimen.

Drink plenty of water between snacking and drinking. Not only help keep you hydrated (this is also national drink water week), but it rinses your mouth out protecting against decay and erosion. Always try to include healthier snacks like celery and carrots. The prolonged chewing will produce more saliva to help rinse away debris and sugars, and after the party is over don’t forget to brush and floss to keep your smile happy and healthy!

We wish everyone a happy and safe Cinco de Mayo!

If you have a question about what foods and drinks to avoid, ask your dentist, Dr. Mark Braash, DDS at Meadow Hills Dental in Aurora CO.  Contact our office today at 303-766-0817.