Most often braces are applied to the teeth to straighten them out and are the biggest complaint of children and adults. Other times even adults need braces. Let’s take a look at the most common types of braces available.

The most common and well-known braces which are referred to as “traditional braces” are metal braces. These are the type most often seen worn by children and teenagers. They are applied to the teeth with a bendable metal wire that is threaded through brackets and applies pressure to the teeth. At one time these kinds of braces were very noticeable but have been made to be smaller and less noticeable. Usually, in the past, they were used with regular rubber bands but today teens can choose the color of rubber band they prefer and in this way make their braces stand out from the rest showing their own kind of personality.

Ceramic braces can be chosen and are less noticeable because they’re made out of ceramic material which cannot be directly seen when upon the teeth. For these kinds of braces, orthodontists would use wires which are the same color as the color of the teeth. They can still be applied today but cost more than metal braces. Another thing is that if not cared for properly the brackets could stain.

Braces which are similar to metal braces are known as lingual braces. These kinds of braces are placed on the inside of the bite, not the outside. They can be of ceramic or of metal but they are less noticeable however they can be difficult to keep clean and can cause problems when you talk. These kinds of braces are an option but one least chosen.

Self-ligating braces also make use of the bracket and wire system. These are the kind of braces most often used by orthodontists today. They use brackets with clips or doors which hold on to the wire and forgo the rubber band system. They are known not to adhere too much food and can be less painful to wear. These kinds of braces also come in ceramic or metal and can shorten the time of the treatment.

Presently on the market Invisalign has become the most common and effective system of invisible aligner braces. They are invisible when applied and can be most comfortable to wear. They are easy to take care of and are easy to clean.

The choice is up to you when it comes to choosing braces so have a consult with your dentist and choose the braces that are right for you or for your children. Sometimes the best choice is the choice that is most comfortable even if they cost a bit more.