The Advantages of Invisalign

In recent years dental health has been increasingly linked to many chronic health issues. It is thusly more urgent than ever to ensure that we take the utmost care of our teeth. Traditionally, braces have been used to rectify many teeth and mouth abnormalities that have contributed to poor dental hygiene. However, Invisalign offers a host of advantages over dental braces that make them an intriguing option.

Invisalign is Simple to Remove

Invisalign clear aligners are easy to remove – unlike traditional, permanent dental braces. This offers a host of benefits, from the ability to floss and brush normally to reduced discomfort when eating certain foods that would be difficult with metal braces. The increased ability to clean one’s teeth cannot be understated as this plays a large role in dental hygiene.

Invisalign also offers an advantage for athletes in contact sports. The ability to remove the aligners during athletic play means less risk of a contact injury involving braces, such as a punctured lip.

Invisalign is Designed for a Discreet Look

Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible. The appearance of metal braces can be jarring for some and the ability to the straighten teeth without significantly affecting appearance can help to reduce anxiety in those concerned with how it may affect their appearance.

In particular, adults may feel anxious about the appearance of traditional metal braces as they tend to be associated with children and teenagers. Invisalign can minimize these concerns by offering a more discreet option.

Additionally, Invisalign aligners are trimmed according to the wearer’s gum line, making them even less noticeable while making them more comfortable to wear.

Invisalign Can Save You Money

It is not uncommon for patients with traditional metal braces to have to take an unplanned emergency trip to the orthodontist. Issues with brackets, wires or ligatures can precipitate an unplanned trip and cost money. By having a simple and sturdy design with fewer pieces, Invisalign can prevent these costly surprises that can send your budget reeling.

Additionally, many insurance plans cover Invisalign. Individual plans will vary, but with the technology becoming ever more common, some insurance companies are paying up to 50% of the total cost.

Invisalign Uses 3D Technology to Scan Your Teeth

With traditional metal braces, a mold must be taken of the mouth so that they will fit correctly. This can be uncomfortable, especially for those who have an overactive gag reflex.

Invisalign eliminates this problem by scanning the teeth with a 3D digital scanner. This is a much less intrusive method that reduces the unpleasantness associated with the molding process.

A Superior Solution

Ultimately, Invisalign can solve many of the same dental problems as the more traditional metal braces. However, the host of advantages that Invisalign offers – such as easy removal, a discreet appearance, and increased comfort – make Invisalign a dental health solution worth serious consideration.