X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool in dentistry because many diseases can’t be detected in the early stages simply by performing an oral exam no matter how thorough it may be.  Tooth decay and bone deterioration may be lurking below the surface.

If your medical and dental history is good and you have had a minimal amount of dental work done you may only need a full set of x-rays every few years but if you are at higher than average risk for disease your dentist may order them more often.  If you are scheduled for treatment your family dentist may want to x-ray the tooth before he begins the procedure just to confirm the extent of the infection.

Children are more prone to cavities because their tooth enamel is thinner.  Their teeth should be monitored at every stage of development which is why they may have x-rays taken more frequently than adults.  If you or your children have had recent x-rays taken you can have the results transferred to another dentist along with your dental record.

X-ray technology has advanced to the point that there should be no patient worries amount an overexposure to radiation.  The advantage of using dental x-rays to recognize a problem before it can become something more serious far outweighs any risk.

X-ray technology is a safe and painless part of a preventive plan for good oral health at Meadow Hills Dental in Aurora, CO.   Make your appointment today, call 303-625-6757.