Children who grind their teeth at night may be doing serious damage to their jaw and oral health. That is why parents should be proactive if they notice their children making grinding noises or clenching their jaw repeatedly. At Meadow Hills Dental, Dr. Mark Braasch and his team offer pediatric dentistry services that can also help treat and correct teeth grinding, which is also known as bruxism. This way, your child can avoid some of the serious side effects that come along with long-term teeth grinding. Click here for pediatric dentistry FAQ. Here are some problems that could occur if it is not treated:


Grinding teeth over a long period of time may contribute to your child getting painful headaches. The constant clenching and unclenching of the jaw may cause tension headaches that can give your child no end of discomfort. Additionally, earaches are another common side effect of bruxism.

Jaw Pain

Chronic jaw pain is another issue related to bruxism. Many children grind their teeth at night and wake up with a sore jaw. The repeated action of pressure on the jaw muscles can lead to throbbing and constant pain along the jaw and around certain areas of the teeth.

Tooth Damage

Besides pain from headaches, earaches and sore jaws, your child’s teeth grinding habit could be causing serious damage to his or her teeth. Your child may inadvertently wear down the tooth enamel, which could cause tooth decay or loosening of the teeth. It is important to understand the causes of tooth grinding to avoid these potential problems.

Some parents are not even aware of their child’s teeth grinding habit, so it is essential to be on the lookout for some of the common side effects of bruxism. If you notice any of these issues affecting your child, it is vital to take action.

If you suspect or know your child grinds his or her teeth, call us today for an appointment. Dr. Braasch can help you deal with this damaging habit and give you some treatment options.