What To See At The Aurora History Museum

Located near City Center Park, the Aurora History Museum is a great place to learn about Colorado’s past. This state-of-the-art museum houses hundreds of culturally significant artifacts as well as an impressive trolley car. Visitors to the Aurora History Museum always leave with a greater appreciation for the local area’s fascinating past and unique culture.

Run To The Trolley Trailer Car!

Without a doubt, the restored 1913 Trolley Trailer No. 610 is the most popular attraction at the Aurora History Museum. Believe it or not, this trolley car once transported Aurora residents along Colfax Avenue all those years ago. Guests can now visit this impressive trolley in the museum’s new 1,630 square foot Ruth Fountain Gallery. If you only have time to visit one attraction in the museum, then head straight for the Trolley Trailer No. 610. While you’re at it, check out the Aurora Reservoir for a great time with the family.

“Growing Home:” The Story Of Aurora

Although the Trolley Trailer No. 610 is impressive on its own, it’s actually a part of a larger exhibit in the Aurora History Museum called “Growing Home.” This permanent exhibition tells the story of Aurora with countless photographs, artifacts, and historic objects. For those who have more time to linger on their visit to the Aurora History Museum, walk through this exhibit and take a closer look at the impressive photos on display. This is the best way to learn about the Aurora community’s rich identity.

A Few Popular Special Exhibits

Throughout the year, the Aurora History Museum hosts many special exhibits. Of course, all of these exhibitions have something to do with Aurora history. One current exhibit, called “Cultivating Community: Hoery Family Photos,” focuses on Aurora’s agricultural past. Another popular exhibit that’s often revived is called the “US 40 and the American Road Trip,” which details the development of Colfax Avenue post-WWII as more Americans took trips through Aurora to get to the Rocky Mountains. The Aurora History Museum also partners with many local craft breweries to host beer tasting events throughout the year.

Please check the Aurora History Museum’s website to see what exhibits will be going on before your visit.

When To Visit The Aurora History Museum

Please note: the Aurora History Museum is closed every Monday. You also won’t be able to enter the Aurora History Museum on national holidays. The official hours for this museum are from 9AM till 4PM Tuesday through Friday and from 11AM till 4PM on the weekends. Admission to the Aurora History Museum is free, so there’s no excuse for not visiting while in town!

How To Get Here

As mentioned above, the Aurora History Museum is close to Aurora’s City Center Park. The official address is 15051 East Alameda Parkway. Anyone traveling from central Denver to the Aurora History Museum can expect a 30-minute drive.