The treatment plan is at the heart of every dental evaluation.  The goal is to assess the overall oral health of the patient, pinpoint any issues and design a schedule for tending to each one in order of urgency.  Digital imagery has been a great help in explaining the plan so that the patient can understand the diagnosis clearly and see the need for attention.  A timeframe will be set up to accommodate the patient’s convenience and the office will prepare a cost estimate for his approval.  There is no pressure to adhere to the initial treatment plan.  Once the dentist has shared his findings and recommendations it is totally up to the patient as to when a procedure may be scheduled.

Conditions may change of course, as time passes so it’s important to monitor closely in order to spot the difference and confront it asap.  The sooner treatment can be started the better the chances for good results.  Tooth decay that is spotted in the earliest stages, for example, can actually be reversed and gingivitis which can lead to more serious gum disease can be successfully treated by upgrading home care and having a professional dental cleaning.

Receding gums can be a symptom of a more advanced stage of periodontitis.  The sooner therapy can begin the better the chances are for controlling the disease.  See your dentist at regular intervals so that any issue can be dealt with asap.

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