Are you one of those dental patients that always has a good checkup, no cavities and pearly whites that you’ve always been proud to show off?  If that’s been the case up to now but things have begun to change there must be a reason why it isn’t just coincidence.

Tooth decay is caused by certain strains of bacteria that thrive in our mouths.  When a healthy balance of good and bad oral bacteria is disturbed increased tooth decay can be the result.  In order to prevent more incidents you have to find out what is causing the change, what are you doing differently?

Any variation in diet can upset the harmony.  An increase in your consumption of sugar, for instance, can also increase your odds of getting a cavity.  If you’ve been nursing a sore throat by sucking on a sugary cough drop all day that could be the source of your problem.  The longer your teeth are exposed to sugar the more likely you are to develop a cavity.

Is something bothering you?  What can you do at home? Stress can trigger a craving for foods or drinks that you usually try to avoid.  Dry mouth is commonly associated with stress.  A decrease in your natural flow of saliva will make it harder to wash away the food debris that can fester and lead to decay.

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