If you’re suddenly experiencing pain when you chew or you notice that your teeth are more sensitive to hot or cold foods or drinks you may have cracked a rear molar.  The molars are most susceptible since, after all, they do most of the chewing.  If this happens to you don’t risk further damage, see your dentist for evaluation asap.

It could be that the damage has only affected the tooth enamel in which case treatment won’t be necessary.  These common cracks in the enamel are known as “craze lines” and are not serious.  A little polishing will repair any unsightliness.

If the crack is more invasive and has penetrated the enamel there are several procedures that your dentist may recommend, depending on how deep the crack is.  It may be that a filling and then a crown will repair any harm that has been done but if the softer tissue has been affected it will need to be removed via root canal therapy in order to save the tooth.  Worst case scenario, the root has been compromised and the tooth must be removed.

Biting down on a hard surface or constant grinding can cause a tooth to crack.  If you suffer from bruxism your dentist may recommend wearing a nightguard while you sleep to prevent damaging your teeth.  Try to resist chewing on ice cubes or hard candy as well and just sip on water.

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