We all know that brushing our teeth is an important preventive method in the fight against oral disease, but what is this about brushing for two minutes, why does it matter how long it takes?  After much collaboration dental professionals have concluded that it takes at least two minutes – some advise three – to thoroughly clean your mouth.  That includes brushing the surface and around each individual tooth, flossing between your teeth and scraping your tongue.

You can’t really brush too often, but when and how you brush will make a difference.  Heavy brushing with a hard bristle toothbrush will over time begin to have an effect on your tooth enamel and once that happens you are at higher risk for tooth decay.  Hygienists recommend a soft or medium bristle brush and always use fluoride toothpaste.  If you notice an increase in sensitivity to hot or cold liquids you may be brushing too hard.

If you’re not sure that your brushing properly or using the best dental products for your particular needs talk to your hygienist, she can tell you about the results she has seen using certain kinds of toothpaste,  mouthwashes, etc.  A lot of hygienists like to recommend using an electronic toothbrush.  They work especially well for children who may have trouble with those hard to reach places or older adults who have suffered some loss of dexterity.

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