The only thing standing in the way of a cavity is your tooth enamel.  Although it is said to be the strongest element in your body tooth enamel can be vulnerable to outside forces such as bacterial plaque and acids.  It’s important to make every effort to protect the enamel and what lies beneath.  If the dentin and pulp are invaded by decay the tooth will become infected and if not treated soon enough it could be lost.

Not all the bacteria that live in your mouth is harmful, some are beneficial in fighting bad breath, others aid the digestive system and some even protect against disease.  Then there are the “bad” bacteria.  It thrives on the sugar from the foods and drinks that we consume every day.  When these two forces combine they produce the acid that eats away at our tooth enamel and exposes the under layers of our teeth.

If you had to pick just one food or drink to avoid in an effort to protect your teeth from the disease it would be soft drinks followed closely by sports or energy drinks.  Even the sugarless varieties contain harmful acids.  Foods and drinks that are high in calcium content can actually counteract those acids that work so hard to deteriorate our tooth enamel.  Anything from the dairy food group e.g., milk and cheese are good for your tooth enamel.

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