Shopping at the Southlands Mall

If you’re looking for a great place for shopping or a place for the family to have fun, Southlands Mall is the place for you. Inside the plaza contains a variety of stores from restaurants to technology to clothing and more! With 94 stores and counting there is enough for the whole family.

But Southlands Mall has not only shopping but also entertainment for the family as well. Inside the plaza is a movie theater where you can shop then catch a movie all at the same place. There is also a YMCA in the shopping center where you can work out, or drop your children off at the daycare center. Here the children can enjoy awesome and creative activities and crafts, as you shop at your own convenience, without the worry of entertaining the young ones as you shop. There are other activities too, for instance, the ice skating rink. You can bring your whole family to The Pond, which is publicly open, and enjoy a relaxing skate. The Pond has reasonable prices that won’t break the bank in order to have a good time. While you’re at it, check out the Aurora History Museum, nearby.

Although the entertainment is great, shopping is even better! Like was mentioned there are 94 stores to choose from. This would be a great place to go-to for the stressful holiday shopping. Instead of going to different stores in different locations why not stay in the same area for all of your shopping? What is also fantastic about shopping is the awesome deals associated with the different stores. Many stores have deals to choose from all listed on the Southlands website. For instance, there are Military Mondays where many stores have discounts for those with military I.Ds. Along with this, there are also teacher discounts. Southland loves teachers and so because of this many stores offer discounts to help our teachers out. But there are also bargains for the general consumer to enjoy as well.

Southlands also holds many dining experiences. From burgers to Chinese, Southlands really does have a variety of different foods to enjoy. Including some fun locations for children. Fuzziwigs candy factory provides a fun experience for the whole family! With aisles of candy to choose from, everyone can find the candy that they enjoy. There are plenty more restaurants for children to enjoy, but there is also restaurants for adults too. For example, The Bar Louie includes late-night dining with speedy service. Not to mention a wide array of beers, microbrews, and wines by the glass or bottle.

Southlands Mall is definitely the go-to place for the family to have fun and shop. With activities for all age groups, it is the perfect place for the family to go and have a good time. But also includes places just for the parents to enjoy too. Not only that, the stores at Southlands provide discounts that benefit everyone. So come down and see what Southlands has to offer, you won’t be disappointed.