Some of the over the counter tooth whitening systems are more effective than others.  Whitening strips, for instance, seem to do a better job than toothpaste that claims to contain a bleaching agent, and the strips are perfect for people who want to whiten just their front teeth.

The strengths of the various tooth whitening formulas on the market today are all over the map.  Some are too weak to do any real good while there are those that go to the other extreme and are so highly concentrated that they pose a risk for permanent damage to the tooth enamel and can be harmful if ingested.

When you consider all the options and even though retail products have improved over time, professional tooth whitening seems by far the safest and most effective choice.  Most dentists offer either an in-office treatment or a custom made whitening solution along with trays that can be used in the privacy of your own home.  Both are effective, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

However, you choose to whiten your teeth be sure to consult with your dentist beforehand.  Any whitening solution will react better to teeth that are free of plaque buildup.  Professional cleaning is advised.  Gum disease, sensitivity, and allergies may preclude whitening.

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