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Tooth loss can occur due to decay, gum disease, or injury. Sometimes an extraction is necessary to end pain and preserve a patient’s remaining teeth. Before an extraction, the dentists at Meadow Hills Dental take time to discuss every option for tooth replacement. Dental implants are an option with many benefits and one that we are excited to offer in our Aurora, Colorado practice.  


When it comes to tooth replacement, a dental implant is the preference of our dentists. That’s because unlike other options, dental implants go beyond restoring the oral aesthetic to provide full functionality for the patient. Because they are implanted into the jawbone, posts fuse into the bone, becoming a permanent part of the oral structure. This provides patients with the ability to eat foods they love without worrying that their replacement will loosen, shift, or fall out of their mouth. Imagine – a life without the need for denture adhesives or other supplies. Instead, normal brushing and flossing are all that maintaining dental implants require.


There are long-term benefits associated with dental implants, too. Functioning as a natural tooth root, the implant post stimulates the jawbone, which promotes stability in the jaw and dramatically decreases the likelihood of bone loss. In addition to supporting overall facial structure and appearance, maintaining a jawbone structure is critical for preventing future tooth loss because surrounding teeth require a stable jaw to hold them in place.


From a comfort perspective, dental implants do not rub or irritate the delicate soft tissues of the mouth as other replacement options can. In fact, dental implants feel so natural in the mouth that you’ll forget you have them!



Patient comfort is a top priority at Meadow Hills Dental, which is why the entire process of installing dental implants is orchestrated with patient care in mind. Upon entering our practice, you are greeted with amenities like bottled water and the option of watching a show while we prepare a room for you. Once you sit down in our chair, you are our priority. There’s no rushing. We schedule ample time for each appointment so that we can discuss what dental implants mean for your oral health and carefully explain each step of implant placement and recovery. Our goal is that you have a complete understanding of the procedure with no surprises.


From diagnosis to treatment plan development to performing the implant procedure, Dr. Lindsey Dortch and Dr. Mark Braasch have undergone extensive training for every step. They only recommend dental implants when they are certain it is the best option to restore a patient’s smile. For both single and full-arch implant placement, Dr. Dortch and Dr. Braasch have a high success rate, which they attribute to exceptional training, state-of-the-art equipment, and thorough patient communication.


If you have a missing tooth, don’t prolong the agony and embarrassment. Call us today at (303) 694-0028 to set up an informative consultation so that we can provide you with a natural-looking dental implant and restore your confidence in your smile.


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