The tongue may not be the most attractive part of the human body but it certainly does a lot for us.  It allows us to speak clearly and enjoy the foods that we love and need to maintain our general health.  The rough surface of the tongue, however, provides the perfect place for acids and bacteria to collect and thrive.  We can’t hope to get rid of all of our oral bacteria, in fact, most of it is harmless and some even beneficial but we should try to keep our tongue as clean as we do our teeth and gums.

The tongue works in conjunction with the other parts of the mouth so that anything that affects it can easily be transmitted throughout the oral cavity.  It doesn’t take much extra time or effort to care for your tongue, just a few strokes of the toothbrush is all that is needed.  An over the counter tongue scraper is another alternative.  Your dental hygienist can make recommendations and provide the proper care instructions.

The tongue is often ignored when it comes to taking care of our oral health, but because it is such an integral part of the way the mouth functions it is important to include it in a daily care routine.

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