The basic difference between regular teeth cleaning and deep cleaning is that the regular treatment is applied to the surface area of the teeth while a deep cleaning goes beneath the gum line.

Deep cleaning is also known as scraping and root planning is done for patients who suffer from gum disease that has progressed past the early stage.  The purpose is to remove infectious bacteria that have gotten into the empty spaces between the teeth and the receding gum tissue.  Depending on the depth of these “pockets” the procedure may be done over one or more sessions using either a locally injected anesthetic or a topical gel.  It is often followed up with a fluoride treatment for cavity prevention. Can having a healthy smile boost your career?

Gum disease is a common disorder affecting close to 50% of the adult population of the US.  Well over half of those over the age of 65 are affected.  If you think that you might be a part of those statistics there are some symptoms that you may recognize.  Red or swollen gums, bad breath or loose teeth may indicate a problem.  If you experience any or all of these symptoms see your dentist for a complete evaluation.

As with any disease prevention is key.  More specifically, protect against gum disease by practicing good oral health habits at home and having regular professional checkups.

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