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Fend Off Any Ill Effects

A good workout at the gym may contribute to your overall well being and a regular exercise routine is mandatory for some competitive athletes but all this physical activity is not especially good for your oral health.  Vigorous exercise tends to dry your mouth.  The nature of your saliva is beneficial in fighting off the acids that can eat away at your tooth enamel.  As it deteriorates you will be put at higher risk for cavities.  Try chewing sugarless gum during your exercise routine to stimulate the flow of your saliva. Weight lifting is a good way to build up muscle power but you may notice a tendency to clench your teeth as you strain to heft the weights.  The pressure this exerts can have a damaging effect on your teeth and lead to cracks or chipping.  A custom fitted mouthguard however, can provide protection from the constant wear and tear. Seniors are more susceptible to dry mouth often because of the increased need for some medications that contribute to the cond ...

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Complete Your Oral Care Routine

The tongue may not be the most attractive part of the human body but it certainly does a lot for us.  It allow us to speak clearly and enjoy the foods that we love and need to maintain our general health.  The rough surface of the tongue however, provides the perfect place for acids and bacteria to collect and thrive.  We can’t hope to get rid of all of our oral bacteria, in fact most of it is harmless and some even beneficial but we should try to keep our tongue as clean as we do our teeth and gums. The tongue works in conjunction with the other parts of the mouth so that anything that affects it can easily be transmitted throughout the oral cavity.  It doesn’t take much extra time or effort to care for your tongue, just a few strokes of the toothbrush is all that is needed.  An over the counter tongue scraper is another alternative.  Your dental hygienist can make recommendations and provide the proper care instructions. The tongue is often ignored when it c ...

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There Could Be A Reason

A permanent set of teeth is meant to last a lifetime, then why do so many of us lose one or more of our adult teeth prematurely?  Studies have shown that there are specific factors that contribute to the loss. Some medical conditions are known to increase our chances for gum disease, which is the major cause of early tooth loss.  Diabetes and high blood pressure are among the culprits.  Osteoporosis has been associated with the deterioration of the jawbone which is the support system for the teeth. When asked, close to fifty per cent of patients who had suffered untimely tooth loss stated that they had gone without professional dental care for at least six months prior to their extraction and a majority admitted to a history of poor oral health care habits. Since they do most of the chewing it stands to reason that the back teeth seem to be the most vulnerable.  The rear molars are full of nooks and crannies that help them break our food into pieces that are easier to swallow an ...

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